Journal Entry
November 9, 2012
58 days into the internship

A thought today: I want to live a life that I can look back on happily when I’m really old. I want to know that I followed my heart, even if it lead me to crazy places. I want to know that I didn’t let other peoples opinions affect the choices I made. I want to know that I lived freely and loved fully. I want to know that I adventured as much as I could and made the best of every experience.

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Journal Entry
November 8, 2012
57 days into the internship

[Back story: Los Pinos is a small and captivating mountain town located in the Dominican Republic on the border of Haiti. I was living with a host family in this town for the majority of my internship. During my stay, there were also a group of Argentineans living in the town, and one of them stayed with my host family as well. His name was Mauricio.]

This morning, I woke up the Mauricio’s voice talking to Xiomara (my host mom), and at first, my American self kind of wanted to kill him for being so loud at 6:00am. But instead, I got out of bed and joined them. The sun was rising, and all three of us walked out a little over a mile to the land past the cemetery to feed the family goats.
Mauricio is really admirable. He reaches out and makes friends with everyone he sees. He’s stopped by so many houses in his stay here so far, practically the whole town of Los Pinos knows him. Even if I knew more Spanish, I feel like even I am not that outgoing. This is a quality I can work on not only here but when I get home as well - to be more outgoing.
I told Xiomara that I want to start walking with her every morning. She said she’d wake me up from now on!
My family in Los Pinos has been so much more outgoing towards me lately. I wonder if this is because I’ve been more outgoing too…

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"WHERE you live shouldn’t determine WHETHER you live" Posted 1 year ago

Journal Entry
October 26, 2012 
44 days into the internship

[Back story: Patricia, Chelsea, Kaitlin (the three other women I was volunteering with) and I traveled to Barahona, a beach town in the southwest Dominican Republic, for a little vacation of sunshine and beach time. Little did we know that Hurricane Sandy was just beginning, and we would be staying with a host family we had never met before for 11 days, when initially we had only planned to stay for the weekend.]

Because of the amount of rain right now, there is no electricity in the entire country, which has led to all school being cancelled as well. The streets are flooded in feet of water, and bridges are breaking, so because of this we can’t travel anywhere until the roads open up again.
Even though the roads are closed and flooded, the roof is leaking, the water stopped running, and the power is out, no one is complaining. Maritza and Julio (our host family) are warm and welcoming, even though we are way past our welcome, and they thank God every night for the rain, for our health, and for everything else good in their lives… and the list is never a short one. It’s amazing how a positive outlook and good faith that everything happening in your life is happening for a reason can do.

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